Transform Your Home Into A Really Smart One

Transform your home into a smart one

Controlling your world from the palm of your hand is no longer a fable.

Today we are equipped and surrounded with smartphones, TVs, cars, entertainment systems, watches and lighting. While everything turns smart around us, technology has extended its arms to make our homes smarter.

Sumit Padmakar Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Signify Innovations India Limited (formerly Philips Lighting India), suggest a few ways to spruce- up your lifestyle and turn your home into a smart one.

Switch to smart lighting

It’s time to bid goodbye to your old lighting system and switch to smart lighting solutions.

WiFi or Bluetooth enabled LED bulbs let you experience new-age smart lighting that can be controlled through your smartphone and can be adapted to your mood, lifestyle and daily activities.]

It is a great way to add colour and create beautiful spaces in your home with just one click.

Smart audio and entertainment systems

If you enjoy music and movies, Wi-Fi enabled audio speakers and TV’s can enhance the entertainment quotient of your home.

These can be easily connected and controlled with smartphones and voice assistants, helping you access your music library and various streaming services from anywhere.

Smart faucets for kitchens and bathrooms

Water conservation is a priority for all of us. Smart faucets can help curb water wastage by sensing whenever the tap is not in use and automatically switching off. Best suited for kids, elderly and disabled, this is a good solution that can help one conserve water in our homes. These faucets can also offer temperature regulation that can be remotely accessed, letting you stay in bed a bit longer on cold winter mornings.

Connected home safety

For families with working members, connected home security can be the answer to living a carefree and safe life without worrying about your home.

The amalgamation of technology at every juncture of our life has made uniform control and monitoring possible, thereby creating a safe and secure environment at your home, even from  miles away.  Homeowners can access door locks, security cameras and gas detectors wirelessly or schedule sprinklers or lights to switch on at specific times through Internet Protocol (IP).