Trudeau Speaks With Australia PM


OTTAWA: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison on July 22.

The two leaders discussed the health, social, and economic impacts of COVID-19, and the need to safely restart economies while protecting the health of all citizens.

The Prime Ministers spoke about recent international developments, including the adoption of national security legislation for Hong Kong.

They discussed the importance of like-minded countries standing together in support of democratic values, human rights, and open markets around the world.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Morrison looked forward to continuing to deepen the Canada–Australia relationship, and to working closely together to advance economic prosperity and strengthen international peace and security.

Canada’s commercial relationship with Australia is strong and diversified. In 2018, two-way trade between Canada and Australia remained stable at $4.1 billion.

Canadian exports were valued at $2.0 billion and composed of value-added products such as machinery, aircraft and parts, electrical and electronic machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, and scientific instruments.

Imports were valued at $2.1 billion and included inorganic chemicals, meat, beverages, precision and technical instruments and machinery. Bilateral services in 2018 was valued at about $2.7 billion, with Canadian exports accounting for $1.6 billion of that total.