US consulate car injures motorcyclist in Karachi

US consulate car injures motorcyclist in Karachi
Pakistani supporters from the Palestine Foundation burn representations of Israeli and US flags during a rally condemning the recent US-led airstrikes against Syria and ongoing violence in Indian Kashmir, Tuesday, April 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

Karachi A motorcyclist has been injured after being hit by a US consulate car in Karachi, police said.

Abdul Jabbar was hit by the consulate vehicle near the head office of Pakistan Industrial Development Corp in the port city on Monday. He sustained minor injuries, police officials said.

According to Geo News, the car was driven by a foreign female employee of the consulate. The vehicle was impounded by the police.

A case was registered against the consulate employee for speeding.

In April, a military attache rammed his vehicle into a motorcycle in Islamabad, killing a man on the spot and injuring the other.