Watershed Conditions Statement Flood Outlook


The Surface Water Monitoring Centre of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is forecasting 20 to 35 mm of rain for south-central Ontario on Friday.

Strong northerly winds in the range of 35 to 45 km/h for the Lower Great Lakes Region will start Friday evening and slowly transition to northwest-westerly on Saturday. Daytime temperature highs are 10 to 15 degree centigrade and night-time temperature is forecast around zero to five degrees centigrade for the next few days moving into the weekend.

Most of our watercourses have recovered from the last rain event, however the ground is still saturated and could result in increase runoff.  Some minor flooding in low-lying areas along the Credit River and its major tributaries may occur with the forecasted rain. Local streams and rivers may become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams. The public is advised to stay away from all watercourses.

CVC will continue to closely monitor weather and water levels in the watershed. The Watershed Conditions Statement for Flood Outlook will be in effect through Sun-Apr-28-2019, or until further notice.

To view current watershed conditions, please visit our real-time monitoring website: