Web And VR-Ready 3D Virtual Tour Solution For Real Estate Sector

Pic: Metareal, inc.

MONTREAL: Metareal, inc.  has announced that Metareal Stage v.1.0, a game-changing solution to create and publish web- and VR-ready 3D virtual tours.

The culmination of 5 years intensive research, development and testing, Metareal Stage empowers Real-Estate Media, Architecture, and Hospitality businesses to deliver high-quality 3D virtual tour experiences faster and more affordably than ever before.

Gareth Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO, debuted Metareal Stage v.1.0 at the Inman Connect Now digital event,  on June 4th, 2020.

Virtual tours are of proven value, but are all too often just galleries of 360 panoramas with no feeling of space. 3D virtual tours are desirable due to their superior user experience, but typically require dedicated scanning hardware or lock-in contracts with expensive, unfriendly processing platforms.

Unlike other offerings, Metareal Stage works with any camera, and every single tour includes true, stereoscopic 3D visuals, 3D models, scale-accurate floorplans, and the ability for users to add real-time annotations.

Creating a true 3D tour traditionally takes hours, and sometimes days, to scan, upload and process onerous amounts of data. Metareal Stage makes 3D virtual tour production easy and cost-effective, like traditional 2D virtual tours.

Supporting any 360-panorama-capable camera, including DSLRs and smartphones, Metareal Stage is the fastest and most affordable true 3D solution in the market, creating an exciting shift that disrupts the traditional choice of either high quality but expensive 3D or affordable but low quality 2D virtual tour solutions.

3D virtual tours drive engagement and improve closing prices – consumers report 20% more engagement versus 2D content, and virtual experiences can double conversions to sales versus traditional content on websites. Also, falling prices and the rapid proliferation of virtual reality headsets now allows for easy consumption of VR content as part of the sales cycle.

This all makes 3D virtual tours even more valuable. “In this era of mandatory social distancing, it is essential to be able to accurately communicate the scale and topology of a listing or destination online. We’re excited to be able to offer a truly competitive alternative,” says Morgan.

Metareal Stage v.1.0 is available now. In addition to a free subscription tier ideal for individual photographers exploring virtual tours, paid subscriptions start at an affordable CAD$9.95 per month for a fully white-labeled, MLS-friendly 3D virtual tour solution, rising to a competitive CAD$39 for a Premium subscription with more storage, full player skinning, and advanced programmability via the SDK. Enterprise subscription pricing for larger teams with high-volume throughput is available on request.- CNW Telbec


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