Winter Tires: An Absolute Must For Driving In Canada

Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly. Pic: NewsCanada

(NC) With all the surprises Canadian winter weather brings, it’s best to be prepared for anything including ice, snow and even freezing rain.

A simple way to be ready for snow or ice-covered driving conditions is to install winter tires.

Follow these three tips to choose and maintain your winter tires:

1. Choose quality over price When it comes to selecting winter tires, identify a brand that is durable and reliable. To help you sort through all the choices, start with some research online and check performance reviews. Price should not be your primary criterion, safety should. Once installed, make sure you let your auto insurance provider know you have winter tires. With some providers like Belairdirect, you may be eligible for a discount.

2. Check your tire pressure monthly Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so be sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month. It should always be maintained at the level recommended by the manufacturer, which you will find on the label in the driver’s door opening, on the flap of the fuel tank and in your user’s manual. Tires inflated to the required pressure will prevent uneven wear and make driving more comfortable.

3. Know when it’s time to buy new ones Tread depth is the first criterion to consider when checking your tire condition. A legal minimum tread of 2/32 inches is required, so you may consider replacing your tires when you are close to it. In general, if all the tires are bought new, at the same time and only used during winter months, the effective tread life is about three to four winters. Find more winter driving tips at

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