World Environment Day: B-Towners talk of our responsibility towards nature

World Environment Day: B-Towners talk of our responsibility towards nature.

On World Environment Day, Bollywood celebs took to social media to remind us of our responsibility to do our bit to preserve environment.

Sharing a photo on Instagram where he can be seen enjoying a bath in a swimming pool with son Yug, Ajay Devgn wrote: “Nurture Nature. Preserve our PLANET. Mother Earth is as sensitive as you and I are. #WorldEnvironmentDay.”

Kajol shared pictures where she can be seen planting a sapling. She wrote: “You will end up in the environment you create. Make sure yours is beautiful… Live healthy. Live green. #WorldEnvironmentDay.”

Shraddha Kapoor shared photos of a wooden toothbrush and metallic water bottle, both environment-friendly replacements for the plastic ones that we generally use. The actress tweeted: “Bringing about small changes in my life over the past year to help preserve our Environment. Happy World Environment Day.”

Bhumi Pednekar reacted to a tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he talks about the need to preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity. “This is absolutely true, Sir! It is essential to preserve our planet’s rich biodiversity and work towards a better tomorrow for generations to come. #WorldEnvironmentDay #ClimateWarrior,” she wrote.

Kriti Sanon posted: “I admire how beautifully God has created everything around well synchronised everything is..Lets not break the Rhythm of mother Nature..I believe the sufferings of Today are a result of what we chose to do and how we chose to lets BE BETTER #WorldEnvironmentDay”

Sonakshi Sinha tweeted: “One major takeaway from these challenging times is that we cannot flourish unless we co-exist with nature. Today, on #WorldEnvironmentDay, let’s pledge to give up one habit that’s detrimental to our planet, our home.”

“If not now , then when…” questioned Yami Gautam, adding, “Every effort counts… protect Mother Nature. World Environment Day.”

Randeep Hooda shared: “It’s time to recommit to nature and take better care of the planet and its wildlife, including the migratory animals. #WorldEnvironmentDay #TimeforNature.”

“Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay guys! I believe everyday should be environment day and we must pledge to protect this beautiful planet, our wildlife, do water conservation and put an end to deforestation. Why should we express our love just one day of the year, we must take care of our environment and mother Earth everyday. Let’s pledge to together make this world a better place for each other,” posted Raveena Tandon.

Several Bollywood stars took part in actress Bhumi Pednekar’s #OneWishForTheEarth campaign to spread the word about protecting and preserving the environment.

“My #OneWishForTheEarth would be that all of us should use water consciously. It is an extremely vital resource and everyone should do their bit in saving water at all times. @bhumipednekar amazing initiative #ClimateWarrior #WorldEnvironmentDay,” shared Ayushmann Khurrana.

“This #WorldEnvironmentDay, my #OneWishForTheEarth is we curb using plastic and help protect planet Earth. Let’s all become more conscious of our actions and be #ClimateWarriors! Thanks @bhumipednekar for spreading awareness on climate conservation,” expressed Arjun Kapoor.

Dia Mirza wrote: “Life on Earth wouldn’t exist without the services of nature. My #OneWishForThePlanet is humans become aware that our lives are deeply interlinked with nature. Change begins with understanding this @bhumipednekar


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